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Phra Kanchaisi

A gilded bronze statue with four hands, sitting on the back of a barn owl perched on a gilded square-shaped pedestal that wares the "Yot Chai" crown on his head. The upper right hand is raised to shoulder level, holding Chawala, which is the soul. It is like the fire element in our body, which if put out, means the soul has died and left the body. The picture of the 3-pointed directions means that death is not predetermined and can occur during childhood, middle age, or old age. The lower right hand holds a dagger, which symbolizes sharp intellect for making decisions as well as overcoming obstacles. The dagger is the weapon of Gods or of general people with lots of merit. The upper left hand holds a lasso that is tied to the breath of humans when death arrives. The lower left hand is in a warning posture to ward off evil.

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine Is a court built with the establishment of Rattanakosin in the capital. According to the Brahmin tradition Before building a city, the ceremony must be held to raise the main pillars in Chaiyaphum. To be a fortune for the country to be built

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