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Phra Song Mueang

A gilded bronze statue that stands on a lotus-flower-shaped pedestal. He wears a papal-shaped crown on top with tip bent backwards, which symbolizes he patrols and provides protection throughout the country. The left hand rests on its backside holding a dagger. The right hand holds a conch shell. Phra Song Mueang has the authority similar to an administration that must be full of benevolence, kindness gentleness, that serve as practical guidelines, just like the held up conch shell representing virtue.

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine Is a court built with the establishment of Rattanakosin in the capital. According to the Brahmin tradition Before building a city, the ceremony must be held to raise the main pillars in Chaiyaphum. To be a fortune for the country to be built

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Bangkok City Pillar Shrine
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